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Equipment sales & installation

As a Select Service Organization (SSO) for Sonny's - the world's #1 equipment manufacturer - we have the unique ability to provide you with the most sought after equipment in both the conveyor/tunnel and in-bay markets. 

In addition to selling equipment, we have a team of professionals that installs your equipment and gets you ready to wash cars.  We also offer installation services on a stand-alone basis in certain situations.

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Tunnels / Conveyors

We are a proud partner of Sonny's Car Wash Equipment - the #1 conveyor car wash manufacturer in the world.  We are a dedicated SSO that services washes across Texas and the Southwest.

What makes Sonny's #1?

Their product is designed, built, and backed in the USA. They are TRUE MANUFACTURERS, not just an assembly house, which allows them to be instantly market responsive with new product innovations, better equipment quality, and faster delivery.  We've included the top 10 reasons why operators choose Sonny's over other manufacturers for their wash.

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Reasons to go with Sonny's

  • #1 tunnel equipment manufacturer in the world
  • Washing cars since 1949
  • Repeatedly recognized with Dun and Bradstreet's strongest financial rating
  • World class installation and support

  • Hands-on training through Car Wash College

  • Stocks over 12,000 parts with $12 million in inventory ready for delivery

  • State-of-the-art controls

  • In-House CAD design team

  • Straight-forward design & pricing - no proprietary parts

  • One-stop shop with all the education, equipment, software, and parts to keep your business growing

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In-Bays / self serves


In-Bay automatics / self-serves

Founded in 1964 by Jerry Wade and his brother-in-law, Phil Geisler, Oasis remains a family-owned, family-run business to this day.  Oasis Car Wash Systems was created as a division of Wadler Manufacturing  and introduced its first car wash, the Adjust-O-Matic, in 1985.

This predecessor to today’s Typhoon™ was the industry’s first fully adjusting, inbay touchless automatic, and set a standard of speed, quality and efficiency held by Oasis’ technology to this day.

Oasis now makes a new generation of adjustable, high-pressure automatics, built by the same standards of simplicity and dependability set by the Adjust-O-Matic. The touchless lineup includes the Eclipse™, the Typhoon™ and the XP™, each of which operate in a different method in order to suit the needs of small town car washes to the busiest high-volume locations.  A soft touch inbay automatic was added in 2012, the BayWash i5, in order to have a complete offering of equipment to suit every market.

Other Oasis products include “the Cadillac of self-service equipment," the Jetstream™, and the Adapt™ powerful, customizable drying system.

Oasis has the experience of more than 45 years of engineering, designing, and building the best equipment available, and the personnel to give customers prompt and courteous service. They assist customers through planning stages, construction and installation, and on to washing vehicles. Oasis has produced adjusting automatics longer than any other manufacturer and will continue to stay ahead of the competition through reliable, profitable products.



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